Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sleepy eyed

I am sitting at Wilmar and Rebecca 's dining room table. We just finished dinner, the girls are in bed and I am writing a blog wondering if I will fall asleep before it is finished.
So here we go.
Our first flight from Tucson to Dallas left yesterday morning at 7:30 am, and after 16 hrs. of turbulent flights and lay overs, we arrived in Amsterdam the next morning at 8:00 am local time. The next thing on the list was the car rental and than an 1:15 min. drive to Ede where Wilmar and Rebecca live. Bob and I reveled in the beautiful green countryside, spring is in full bloom here and it looks wonderful.

Our little hybrid
Rebecca and Wilmar's home
As you can see we changed our plans and did not stay in Amsterdam, the museum visits will be added at the end of our trip. One of the reasons was that we did not like to leave al our luggage in the little car and invite a break in (Amsterdam is just like any big city in the US).
Sanne-Joy was speechless!

Lois was just tickled pink!
So Rebecca concocted a plan that we should surprise Sanne-Joy and Lois at school. Their teachers were enthusiastic about the idea.
It was decided that "Uncle Bob" should read a "Dutch" book to the class. This was a great success, the kids were in stitches, his Dutch sounded so funny.

The third graders really peppered us with questions!
We visited Joel's grave today.
We had an exciting question and answer time where there were many questions about Arizona's wild animals, spiders, snakes and such. On a serious note, one boy asked: "What did you think when Joel died?" For those of you who did not know, Joel is Sanne-Joy's little brother who passed away at age 3 on April 22nd a year ago.

Both the girls were so happy we visited them in school and especially that we came two days early.

Tomorrow we visit "Keukenhof" the famous Dutch flower garden. But for now I am signing off, can't keep my eyes open any more.
Good night. or as the Dutch say, "Welterusten!"