Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday with family and friends

de Schuilplaats, Wilmar and Rebecca's church
We have been looking forward to going to Wilmar and Rebecca's church, de Schuilplaats (the Hiding Place). We learned that the founding pastor of the church became a Christian through the ministry of Corrie ten Boom, thus the name of the church, the hiding place.

de Schuilplaats "family room"
Well, we got up early to be there at 9:30 for breakfast in their large central "family room." It was amazing how many of the church members knew about us and were pleased to meet us. The church was very supportive of Joel coming to the Phoenix Children's Hospital for treatment for neuroblastoma. And were in contact with Wilmar and Rebecca during their stay with us from July 2012 thru Jan 2013. It was as if we were already a part of their family.

Blanka had met many of them a year ago when she visited shortly after Joel had died, but I (Bob) didn't come with her at that time.

Notice Bob and Blanka in the back row of our
Sunday School class?

I (Bob) didn't get too much from the classes (they were all in Dutch, of course) but the fellowship and worship was uplifting. The church is fairly large with average attendance of 600 to 700, but came across as more personal and intimate than I expected. We didn't leave until after 2:00. That's four and a half hours of church!

It was raining when we arrived at church at 9:30 and sure enough still raining lightly as we headed back to Wilmar's home.

Left to right: Wilmar, Rebecca, Blanka, Lois, Sanne-Joy, Levi (w/balloon),
Tiese, Yaron, Geurt and Maike
The Metz family joined us for a late lunch at Wilmar's home. Geurt and Maike Metz are some of Wilmar and Rebecca's closest friends in Ede and helped them a great deal during Joel's illness.
Rebecca made brownies which were a big treat with the kids. And we had supper together too. A real relaxed and fun time all around.

These were special brownies that Rebecca requested that we bring from the US: "Ghirardelli's Triple Chocolate" Brownie Mix.
They were a great hit with not just the kids. In fact I am eating one right now as I type this. Well, actually my second one.

His preference was playing
with Lois's guitar!
Only Tiese didn't want a brownie
for some reason. Maybe
because of the ogre trying to feed him.