Thursday, June 12, 2014

All good things

June 9th and 10th,

I don’t agree with the saying “all good things must come to an end.” Yes we will be heading home, but the good things remain; memories and warm friendship with family and friends.

I just want to thank all of Blanka’s relatives who welcomed us into their homes, showed us many wonderful sights, and meaningful discussions. Especially Rebecca, Wilmar, Sanne-Joy and Lois that made us feel very much at home.

No, Sanne-Joy and Lois are not saluting me, they just are trying to keep the sun from their eyes.

We made one last train ride into Amsterdam to have dinner with Benjamin and Carla at one of their favorite restaurants and then to Ben and Jerry’s for ice cream. I suppose the Ben and Jerry’s will help us transition back to being Americans.


In one of our earliest blogs we talked about the number of bikes in Holland. Well this is the ultimate in bike parking.
A three story bike parking lot adjacent to the train station in Amserdam!
The Dutch sure like their bikes, even on this rainy afternoon.
And the Dutch also like their football (soccer).

Not sure how much press the World Soccer matches get in the USA, but in Holland and Germany everything was soccer madness.
June 11th,
Beautiful blue skies greeted us on our last day in Europe and we had the chance to tour the Dutch coast, rolling English country side and Irish villages. Well sort of … we were a few thousand feet in the air looking out of our plane’s window. But nevertheless a great way to put an exclamation point on a marvelous seven weeks roaming around Europe.

Thanks for joining us on the adventure.