Friday, June 6, 2014

Luedenscheid - part 1 Like home

June 1st.

We are not home yet, but arriving at Magdelene's home sure felt like coming home! First, she is like family, secondly we get to stay put for a week, thirdly we get to do our laundry! No small thing when on the road for three weeks.
If you look up Luedenscheid in most of the travel Europe websites nothing shows up. As you will see in the following couple blogs there is plenty of interesting things to do and see.

There is nothing flat about this region of Germany except the surface of the many lakes. After the rainy days at Rothenburg it was really fun to hike around this lake on a sunny day!
The reflections and textures of the trees and wildlife made this two hour hike a treat, always something new around each bend.
Ducks and turtles kept us company.

This lake, named Fuelbeckertalsperre, is one of the many lakes providing water for the surrounding towns.

What else do we do when visiting good friends? Yep, tea time in Magdelene's back yard.

A very yummy homemade pear torte!

And Blanka, very happy and maybe a bit sneaky!