Thursday, June 5, 2014

Walk the wall

May 29th,

Rothenburg is a very famous tourist destination but during the 8 years we lived in Germany we never visited it. Maybe because it was such a tourist town. In any case we wanted to see it this trip. Yes, lots of tourists, especially bus loads of Japanese, but still worth it. Outer walls mostly still complete and the town itself as if it were 200 years in the past. Or it would be if it weren't for the cars and all us people with cameras. Rain and clouds not withstanding, it was a fun day and a half.

The walls surrounding Rothenburg gave us the opportunity to tour the town from a bird's eye view!
Gates and walls and towers define the town.
These are no little walls, up, up, up.
As you can see the wall curves around the town with towers every so often.
Any one for archery practice?
Three guesses as to what this tower is currently used for.
Women's toilet is on the bottom level, men's on top.
Probably the prettiest bathrooms we have ever encountered.
(But cold and drafty.)
From the wall - quiet backyards away from the tourists.

A peak into someone's little world.
At least while we walked the wall, we were out of the rain. But not the wind and cold. Guard duty couldn't have been much fun.
As you enter these gates you get the sense that you are entering another era.
Lots of gates. This one was the primary gate for commerce, where you had to pay to bring your goods into the town to sell.
Also gates and towers within the city in case the outer wall was breached.
The walls, gates and towers really make this town distinctive. Today we give little thought to defenses of our towns, just our own homes with locks and security alarms.
Cobble stone streets and sidewalks and proper German houses all in a row.
Not sure why but instead of moving the street, they just built the church right over it. Note rain drops on the camera lens!
Lots of little shops to keep Blanka busy.
The famous Christmas "town". Room after room of gifts and Christmas ornaments, displays, etc. Much of it hand made.
In the store were also some very nice displays like this. You might say this was teddy bear heaven. 
Cute little quilt shop with tons of different fabrics. This picture is for you, Michelle. 
Overlooking the river valley is the castle park and grounds where the castle once stood.
Rothenburg as viewed from the park walls.

The wall put to good use.
Walls and roofs - built to last.

We cut our visit short, not because there was nothing more to see but partly because it was wet and cold but mostly  we wanted to go home. And in this case home was in Luedenscheid with our dear friend Magdelene.