Monday, May 26, 2014

… 40 years later

May 21st
We have been looking forward to returning "home" to this part of the world. Lots of memories of Basel. Renee was born here. That alone should make it famous. Tomorrow we will be going back to the little hamlet where we lived for two years - that was 40 years ago! But today we focus on the haunts and beauty of Basel. Unfortunately our favorite restaurant and some of our favorite shops are no longer there. Still a delightful city.
The Basel Town Hall is the center of town and was fully restored about 5 years ago.
The detailing and paintings are wonderful.

Large inside court is likewise painted.
St George is still fighting the dragon. You would think after 500 years there would be a decisive outcome.
Many very elegant houses and shops down narrow winding streets.
This simple house was built in 1434, long before anyone ever heard of America. There are a lot of stuctures that date from the 15th and 16th century.
I am quite sure they were not thinking of English speaking guests when the decided to call this cafe "Cafe Barfi".
Interesting statue of a town watchman.
The Basel Munster (Cathedral) 

I really liked the grounds surrounding the Munster. Intimate gardens and walkways with views overlooking the Rhein River.
Don't know the sculptures intent but this vegetable and flower sculpture in bronze just happened to be along one of the arched walk ways. No chance of any one walking off with the veggies. 
The old city is perched up above the Rhein.
The Leonhardskirche is of more modest proportions but the detail and harmony speak volumes.
We got to spend a delightful half hour listening to Dieter Lammlin rehearse on this Silbermann organ .
The combination of the great organ and the acoustics of the church were remarkable.
With deep notes resounding from the church walls, we left Basil for a tranquil little village on the edge of the Black Forest where we lived for 2 years. You will just have to wait til we post it.