Monday, May 26, 2014

Fairy Tale Town

May 23rd
After a couple of days reliving 40 years ago, we set off to one of our favorite towns along the Rhein River, Stein am Rhein. It seems to be a town that time forgot.
Stein am Rhein
About as romantic as you can get. That is Stein am Rhein. 
Stein am Rhein in English is "Rock on the Rhein" and you can't get any closer to the river. Half of the town is on one side, the other half on the opposite shore.
No matter how you enter the town, you will like it.
The old town is quite small but almost all the houses boast incredible murals.
Every house/shop is different!
Each shop also has there sign above their door.

Don't ask me what this is suppose to represent.
Blanka and birds, no matter where we are or what we are doing she has a thing with birds. We bought meat-filled pastries from the local bakery and settled down on this bench next to the Rhein and low and behold we got company. First the female duck had to have her share. 
Then the male charged in for some.
And the little sparrows cleaned up the crumbs.
The swan down by the water wasn't interested in such nonsense! Preening was far more important!
Lake Constance
More Rhein River and then we get to Lake Constance.
Lake Constance looks like a sapphire jewel surrounded by emerald trees.
Little towns dot the shore.
The area around Lake Constance is famous for their fruit orchards. Acres and acres of trees, many of them covered over with netting to keep the birds away.