Thursday, May 1, 2014

Into the Woods

For the past week I have been commenting on how fabulous the forests are. Today we decided to just take it easy and take a little walk into the woods around Ede.

But first Blanka and Rebecca went shopping and I played with the girls:
First they collected every umbrella in the house and created an umbrella house in the living room.
Certainly dryer play than we had the day before at the open air museum.

Now Into the Woods

Floating emeralds glistening and ever changing.
The canopy of these elegant 150 foot high trees is simply breathtaking.

Kasteel Hoekelum, just outside of Ede, is like an English Manor House.
The forest was a part of the estate but is now a public park.

Lois decided she was the lady of the manor.
She is trying very hard to act like a very sophisticated lady.

Just a quick rest stop along our path so monkey Sanne-Joy can test all the fallen trees.

Just imagine all these toes stretching out. Not hard to imagine
that maybe the tree might just flex those toes and walk around.

And along the edge of the forest more glorious dandelions.

And home again and no rain today!!

We have had most delicious homemade whole wheat bread
every day thanks to a fabulous baker, Rebecca.

Well, that is into the woods and back again.