Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It is good to be with family!

Today, May 4th, we have mostly blue skies and fast freeways to take us to the North Sea coast at Oostende. Blanka's nephew, Wouter, and his wife, Isabelle, who live in Oostende, invited us for lunch. Great time with family.
from left to right: Blanka, Wouter, Isabel, Jonathan, Jenni and Henk.
Henk is Blanka's brother, Wouter and Jonathan nephews.
Wonderful meal on their patio with sun and warm conversations.
See the tomatoes stuffed with tiny shrimp?
I won't tell you how many of these itty bitty shrimp Blanka ate.
And don't overlook Lovely, Nouschka, Wicky, and Bonnie, their four "children".
Liselotte doesn't pay any attention to us, she has
her own agenda.
Wouter and his trains!

In the afternoon we took a long walk along the beach. Quite a contrast
from the historic streets of Brugge.
Fishing boats troll along the coast for very tiny shrimp.
It just so happens we had these shrimp as part of our lunch and
Blanka also ordered them yesterday in Brugge. She says they are
the most tasty shrimp in the world.
Tomorrow we spend the day with Jonathan.