Saturday, May 3, 2014

to the very end of the world

After warm good byes to Rebecca, Sanne Joy and Lois, we set off for Blanka's brother's home in Ghent, Belgium. But we had one more stop in Holland first. The Rien Poortvliet Museum located on a remote little island along the coast of the Netherlands south of Rotterdam. It felt like we were traveling to the very end of the world as we followed the GPS route through little towns, down long straight roads lined with tall trees and field after field.
I hope you enjoy our little off the beaten path adventure as much as we did:

Tiengemeten Island

The only way to get to the island is by ferry.
Blanka is yelling at me to hurry up or I will miss the boat!

And landing on the island!
In the distance we got to see a big ship pass through the draw bridge.
Not sure I would enjoy a cold,
windy outing on a sail boat.
Tiengemeten Island is a mix of farms, nature preserve and museums.

If we come again we will plan on renting bikes and explore
the expansive wetlands with their abundance of wild life.

Yes, more pannekoeken! The fresh air, stiff breeze and chill certainly gave us a good appetite!

And now to the Rien Poortvliet Museum located in one of the old farms. This is Blanka's favorite modern artist. We have several of his books and have enjoyed his very expressive style for a long time. He is a master at capturing inner feelings and the mystery of life.  

In addition he has a sense of humor, especially in his series of painting of Gnomes and their world.

Back on the mainland we enjoyed the country lanes and small villages.
This road, the trees and the fields are below sea level and the mound on the right is the dike holding the ocean back. It seems that God created the earth and the Dutch made Holland from the sea.

Every where we went in the Netherlands we encountered windmills.
This is one that was built in 1857 and still grinds flour today,
but only when the wind blows, but never fear, it is always windy here!

Tomorrow we visit the old city, Brugge, with Hans (Blanka's nephew) and his friend, Anne. Brugge happens to be where Blanka and I were married - but that was a long, long, long time ago.