Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's day a long way away!

Mother's Day.
We are a long way from our children but we were able to FaceTime with them in spite of the 7 to 9 hours difference in time zones. Thanks kids for including us, you are the world to Blanka.
Our Sunday we had some very yummy goodies and a bit of exploring in Roza's neighborhood.

Nine very cute little "petit fours" found their way into our tummies.
And a really yummy cherry tort. We had already eaten half
of it before I realized that I hadn't taken a picture of it.
Roza lives in a suburb of Brussels near the airport. To pay for all the calories
we ate this morning we decided to take a walk along some of the
pathways near her home.
We weren't the only ones out for a walk. You would think that this little
critter would have found an easier path.
We were delighted to come across this old tower gate. But before talking about
the tower, Blanka wanted me to be sure I got the weeping willow in the photo
for Christy
OK. we see the cool tower and the gate and the moat, but where is the castle?
Inside the moat is just the small building you see. Never did find
out the story behind this.
We have had some good times with Roza and
relating stories from Blanka and Roza's
childhood and other times together.
Oh, yes, Quinta does not want to be forgotten.