Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Chartres, May 15th

A short drive through more beautiful farm country and along the Eure River took us from Giverny to Chartres, home to a very impressive cathedral. As you drive into Chartres, the cathedral can be seen from miles around because it is on relatively high ground with the town spread out below. From a distance it looks like it is floating above everything else. The cathedral was consecrated on October, 24, 1260, in the presence of King Louis IX of France.

The two spires and main entrance face west.

Additional grand entry ways are on the north and south,
each with a wealth of stone carvings and the large rosettes high above.

This cathedral is famous for its beautiful stained glass
and the majestic arches.

From the cathedral grounds you get quite a view of the surrounding city.
Structures surrounding the church are primarily from the 17th century or later.
If you have a plain wall on the side of your building there is
no reason not to make the most of it. Don't suppose it will last
for 900 years like the cathedral has.