Friday, May 30, 2014

lakes, forests, mountains and tunnels

May 26th,
Instead of driving the freeways direct to Vienna, we took the narrow country roads that took us through beautiful lakes, dense forests and snow covered mountains. And where there was no way around, we drove right through the mountains, about 10 tunnels totaling more than 20 miles. The weather was not as cooperative as we would have liked, overcast and rainy for the most part, but nevertheless wonderful.

Alpine lakes!
The fields were truly brilliant green when the sun shined on them.
As we climbed higher, darker forest, steeper hills.
And the steep hills kept growing into these magnificent mountains, many of which were shrouded in clouds.
Near a little village called Woeschach are many hiking trails and a castle ruin that we wanted to hike to. A two hour hike they said. So we set off up this nice little stream.
Well, the gentle stream turns into the tumbling waterfall.  And it starts to rain.
And the trail takes a decidedly vertical aspect.
Six bridges seeking the easiest ascent.
The ravine gets steeper and narrower as we climb.
With each step higher it seemed to rain just a bit harder. After crossing the fourth bridge and not being able to see the top (in clouds), we decided it was time to abandon our adventure, caution the better part of valor. 
Wet but still alive, we returned to our bed and breakfast in the village.
The next morning we set off for Vienna. This time by freeway which went straight through the mountains.

And out the other side!