Monday, May 19, 2014

Striving for heaven and peace on earth Part 4 - La Ferme du Coquetot

La Ferme du Coquetot 

Still May 14th and loving it. Lets just call it heaven on earth. The French country side with the lush green fields, vibrant wild flowers, May green trees, clear blue skies and monumental clouds is like heaven on earth! Add to that a bed and breakfast named La Ferme du Coquetot (Little Rooster Farm) and Blanka would say "don't strive for heaven with big old cathedrals, just take a look around you."
Jesus came to live in us, not in old buildings, and to give us life in all its glory.

Traveling from Amiens to  Beauvais to Rouen was a real delight. After spending
most of the last 8 years in Arizona we forgot just how lovely the country side
can be. Not to mention the fact that the first two weeks in Europe was mostly
overcast and grey.
Field after field of wheat!
The "Little Rooster Farm" was more than we could have expected. Way out in
the middle of the country (thank goodness for GPS navigation), nothing but other
farms and forests.
And of course roosters and chickens to welcome us. Also calves in the barn
and all the other things you find on a farm.
And our bedroom all decked out with … you guessed it - chickens.
Since our room was on the second floor and had formerly
been attic space the support beams run right in the middle
of our room.
And also in the little, underscore little, bathroom.
The view from our window looks out on part of the farm.
Bed was good and breakfast even better! Homemade most everything,
bread, butter, 5 different jams, real yummy stuff.
Well rested and well fed, we set off for "morning with Monet". That will be our next blog.